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Waypoint Partners & VOGL | Joint Venture

by Angela Lurssen
30th September 2020
Waypoint Partners & VOGL | Joint Venture, post image

Waypoint Partners and VOGL announce joint venture to meet the growth and M&A needs of start-up and scale-up marketing technology firms

Technology is transforming lives, society and entire sectors of industry at breakneck speed. Exciting start-ups and scale-ups are at the epicentre of disruption and have spawned vast new industries with complex, fast-moving ecosystems and innovative new entrants.

With an ever-increasing need to understand consumer audiences and form high-value connections, marketing technology is a crucial pillar, encompassing ad-tech, mar-tech, retail and data solutions. They boost loyalty, identify high-value customers, offer virtual fitting services and personal shopping and much more. But the landscape is highly complex and can be dizzying – the countless variations of technology supply chain maps is testament to this; being able to expertly navigate it is essential.

These fast-growth companies often have their exit planned out from the get-go. The entrepreneurial journey will take the founders, investors and teams through multiple rounds of strategy-setting and complex, nuanced decision-making around executing these strategies, both in the operations of the business and in shareholder planning.  Even the widest advisory board will struggle to speak with experience and authority across the breadth of situations that will arise, and the advisory community generally provides situational expertise only.

A tech scale-up would traditionally have looked to the banking community to get a deal away. While bankers and corporate finance teams know their way around M&A, they don’t tend to have the deep understanding of complex technology sectors or take time to get under the hood of an innovative tech business to see what makes it unique and therefore where the value lies. There also tends to be a focus on institutional exits, rather than helping entrepreneurs identify strategic routes to growth acceleration.

That’s why a new JV has been formed between growth and corporate advisory firm, Waypoint Partners and management consultancy, VOGL.


 “Our JV firmly ticks both boxes; a thoughtful and expert approach to deal-making, underpinned by a deep operational understanding and curiosity around innovative technology companies.  It also means we can unlock M&A conversations in the boardroom and not just the corporate development department, and that makes us pretty unique.”

Jim Houghton, Partner


Combining our areas of expertise, Waypoint with its growth advisory and M&A capabilities within the marketing services sector, and VOGL with its deep understanding of how innovative tech businesses operate gives us something distinctive to take to market.  It’s transformational, not only for both our businesses but also for the corporate finance, advisory and consultancy sectors. And it’s also transformational for the tech entrepreneurs who now have a partner to support them from start-up to exit and beyond.


“Without an understanding of the type and value of data that a tech company generates, where it sits within a complex industry, or how that industry has grown and developed over the years and who the key players are, you’d struggle to know how to unlock business and shareholder value. While VOGL was built to deliver that deep operational and commercial knowledge, we always knew a JV was the only way we could offer the expert transactional knowledge required to help the entrepreneurs and venture capitalists we work with realise value built in their business over time.”

Abeed Janmohamed, VOGL


Commenting on the size of the opportunity, Abeed, VOGL comments: “There is a large pool of tech businesses valued between £10 to 50 million, with strong business models and good capabilities, asking themselves, where next. From talking to them, we know that they need M&A support from a partner that brings both financial expertise and a deep operational understanding of their business and industry. Ultimately, it’s about collaboration, offering entrepreneurs and their investors, support and guidance at every stage of the life cycle.

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