Waypoint advises Stripe Theory on its sale to Acceleration Community of Companies

September 30, 2020

Waypoint Partners in the US, headed up by Brett Davis as Managing Partner, is pleased to have advised on the sale of Stripe to ACC (Acceleration Community of Companies), a transaction reflective of the firm’s service offering aimed at marketing, advertising, and technology sectors.

Los Angeles, CA based ACC is an exciting new entrant to the US marketing services sector founded by Michael Nyman, formerly chairman and CEO of PMK, one of the world’s most influential communications and marketing firms, hugely connected to the world of entertainment and celebrities.

With Nyman at the helm, supported by other former PMK executives and David Kingsdale as head of acquisition, ACC is on a mission to build a best in class collective of specialist agencies across branding, marketing and media.

Stripe is the third acquisition since November 2019 when the group started on its buy and build journey. Along with attracting best-in-class talent, these first few acquisitions bring some of the world’s leading brands in the beverage, mobile, technology and luxury industries into ACC’s portfolio.

Waypoint Partners’ client, Stripe Theory, founded by former Edelman executive Craig Kronenberger, is a data-fueled digital agency delivering breakthrough insights through data automation and marketing innovation.

Its highly resilient and flexible business model leverages unique and efficient data collection methods, inclusive of an offshore team, that enable its’ highly skilled team to develop nuanced insights and situational understandings that inform strategy. Their approach to measurement, analytics and strategy development makes Stripe Theory one of the most efficient and impactful companies of its kind.

Brett Davis explains: “I read about ACC and they piqued my interest. Many are in the process of executing various roll-up strategies at the moment and it was ACC’s ‘engine’ – their in-house consultancy practice – that caught my attention.”

After initial discussions with David Kingsdale concerning ACC’s strategic path, it was evident that leveraging Stripe Theory’s powerful insights and analytics capabilities to inform and amplify the output of ACC’s Advisory team would lead to something special.

“Selling their business is one of the biggest decisions an entrepreneur will ever make; they rely on their advisor to have a deep knowledge and understanding of the buyer universe and match them with the best possible partner for the next stage of their journey.”

“An experienced advisor will thoroughly vet any future acquirer to ensure both parties are strategically aligned; this is the only way to ensure that a deal can generate future value for both sides. Stripe Theory is a brilliant business that will add tremendous value to ACC and I know that Craig and his team will play a key role in the growth trajectory of ACC, a business to watch.”

As discussions between these two began in a pre-COVID marketplace, it’s been a wild ride that has encountered its fair share of twists and turns along the way. Through it all, both groups demonstrated strong and steady leadership that was absolutely critical when navigating towards this exciting outcome. It has been a terrific journey for Waypoint US and we’re thrilled to have played a meaningful role in bringing these two teams together.

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