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Unlocking high calibre employees

by Sarah O'Neill
25th April 2018
Unlocking high calibre employees, post image

Instead of just thinking about how you can land a future high-calibre employee, take time to also think about whom you already have in your company.

We are all capable of bad, average and great work. But the work environment has a lot more to do with great work than most people realise.

Quite often there is untapped high-calibre potential in your company already, but it is trapped under lame policies, poor direction, and stupid bureaucracies. As a leader committed to finding future talent, never lose sight of the opportunity to cut the crap within your own business, crap that holds back an employee’s ability to do great work.

Besides aiming to cut the red tape and policies that hold staff back, leaders need to also give people space and the tools they need. An employee’s enjoyment in their job stems first and foremost from working in an environment which pushes them every day to learn, progress and develop.

By removing barriers and creating the right environment, your employees will look forward to coming to work and doing great work, and you, unsurprisingly, may just discover some high-calibre talent right under your nose.

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