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Traffic Jam in your Head

by Martin Palethorpe
26th September 2017
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There’s no doubt that having a noisy mind prevents leaders from being effective. Within the agency sector, leaders need to be creative, intuitive and decisive but it’s not always possible to be that way, is it? I mean, sometimes it’s all a bit much.

The impact of having this ‘traffic jam’ in your head can be anything from a tendency to worry or over-analyse, to sleepless nights or a more severe form of stress.  And this noisy mind is a powerful inhibitor for many attributes you need to be a great agency leader – attributes such as clarity, creativity, effective decision-making and strategic thinking.

Recently I had to navigate my way through terrible traffic in the centre of Nairobi, Kenya – all compounded by confusing road layouts and a lack of signage.  It was tiring, confusing and slow – just like having a noisy mind.

The stress is increasing

In today’s world having a noisy mind has become a debilitating disease. It’s not surprising when you consider the pressure on us from the global economy, political uncertainty or the speed of change. There’s an ever-increasing drive to push people harder to get more, faster.

Nothing seems to stop.

This causes huge amounts of stress as people find it harder to switch off and return to a state of balance. The mind constantly feels full and you end up waking in the night worrying about something work-related. Our mental state is more akin to Nairobi at rush hour than a Zen garden at dawn.

Where’s it really coming from?

We live with a number of misunderstandings about how the mind works and this results in us blaming outside circumstances for how we feel.We end up trying to “fix” the externals of life without seeing where all this noise is really coming from.


What if there was a simple set of psychological principles that enabled you to have more freedom? What would it mean to you to have a mind that was clear and alert when you really needed it to be? What if you could discover an approach to your thinking that put you more in command of your mind and your life?
The secret is to change your understanding about your thought.
When you realise the seductiveness and simultaneous invalidity of thought, you can begin to change your relationship with it. When this happens, you become free from what the noisy mind creates – stress, strong feelings and confused thinking.

And that’s what we teach you to do on our Game Changer Programme. We enable leaders, like you, to discover how their minds work – so they can become more peaceful, effective and clear.

If you’d like more quiet country roads in your head, then click here to register your interest, and let’s have an exploratory conversation by clicking the link below. Or head over to the Game Changer homepage and register your interest.

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