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Game Changing Ideas

by Martin Palethorpe
27th September 2017
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You’re walking in the countryside without a care in the world. It’s the weekend, you’re not even in work mode, and all of a sudden you have an incredible idea. It’s a potential breakthrough for your business. You make some notes excitedly, more thoughts follow, your mind is connecting the dots with ease and you can’t wait to discuss it with your colleagues on Monday.  

The following Wednesday your mind doesn’t seem to work at all. You’re stuck in a meeting, feeling pressured, needing to come up with an idea, you’re stressed and tired. No matter how hard you try you just can’t seem to think creatively. Your mind is busy, but your ideas just won’t flow.

By Friday the pressure’s on, there are a million things to do, you’re tired but something in you is able to dig deep. Ideas and solutions start to roll, you’re effective, creative, actually just plain brilliant. The day flows and things seem to happen in the right way. Sorted.

Isn’t it fascinating how the mind works? Sometimes it’s genius, and sometimes it just won’t play ball. Ideas and creativity just seem to ‘happen’ and it’s hard sometimes to understand why.

Your mind is what your agency depends on

Agencies depend on great ideas. How readily you access the creative power of your mind can be worth millions. Yet without that flow of insight and mental energy, everything can just grind to a halt and your agency will suffer.

Because thinking is so immersive (and largely happening unconsciously) we need to develop a deeper awareness of our mind. Without this, creativity, insightful thinking and inspiration will remain inconsistent.

We’re immersed in thought

The thinking you have in each moment is creating your entire experience. It creates how you experience your life, yourself, your work, your agency and your clients. And the experience is all very convincing. However, your thoughts are not the truth in any situation, are they? I mean, it’s just neural activity – much of which is based on the small amount of information you pick up through your senses and habitual responses learnt from prior experience.  

So why is this conversation relevant to your creativity? Well, your convincing thoughts repeat themselves – creating the paradigms within which you live. You have fixed thinking about many things, without even realising it. And this can easily block you and prevent new insights from arising.

Have you ever had that situation, where you were totally convinced you knew the answer, the truth, but then you found out embarrassingly that you got it completely wrong?  

The thinking you have about your own creativity is another example of the danger of fixed thinking. “I am creative” or “I’m not creative” becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thoughts like “I’m not creative” are like turning the tap off at the source and they often have a large unconscious element to them – based on past experiences and decisions we’ve made about ourselves that we probably can’t even remember making.

Unlocking the door

The more aware you become of how your mind works the more open you can be to new ways of thinking. This awareness develops your openness. And openness leads to flow states and being better able to tune into your own inner wisdom, and the intelligence and creativity inside you.

It’s this openness that leads to creativity and a stream of actionable insights.

But how can you access this openness when often the stream of thoughts within your mind won’t seem to allow it?  Here are some things to consider:

  • Drop any thinking you have about your own ability to generate ideas.
  • The mind has a built-in ability to help you succeed in any situation. Its auto-pilot mode has access to everything you need – including resilience, productivity, clarity and great ideas. You just need to trust the mode. So, don’t force yourself to find a solution. Be patient and realise the solution often happens when your mind in a relative state of peace and ease.
  • Psychologists say we have 70,000 thoughts each day. Some of those are repeat thoughts, others are new. Remembering this makes it easier to be open to new ideas coming in at any point.
  • Set an intention in your mind around a certain problem where you want fresh thinking. Sleep on it, exercise on it, or go and make a cup of tea. When the mind is rested and has subconscious intention… ping, in comes the solution.
  • Give yourself time to really wonder. Wondering means thinking, communicating and musing in a way that’s free from attachment to outcomes, free from trying and free from feeling like you have to solve the problem. Get some colleagues on board and ‘wonder’ freely for an hour on your current conundrum. You’ll be amazed at what you can come up with.

Fresh thinking on tap

Do you need groundbreaking ideas right now but can’t seem to access them?

Do you want to ‘up the game’ for your agency?

The key is to learn more about your mind. This understanding will take your agency to another level – both in terms of creativity and growth. It’s what we teach on our Game Changer Programme.


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