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The Art of New Business: A dinner for business owners

by Phil Gripton
29th October 2018
The Art of New Business: A dinner for business owners, post image

Last week, our Partners Lisa, Miles and Phil welcomed business owners to the stunning Coal Office in King’s Cross. We discussed sales and marketing challenges modern day digital businesses face and our top tips on how to overcome them to drive incremental sales.

After some delicious cocktails, we were met with lively discussion from both tech and agency leaders.

We agreed that articulating and selling value is still the biggest challenge for many businesses.

art of new business dinner

Top areas discussed were:

  • Work up a “value based” proposition for your offer. Sell the pound-value that the product or service delivers rather than the service itself.
  • Equip client services teams with the skills they need to identify client pain points. Offering valuable solutions to resolve these pain points incrementally improves the relationship and of course the sales ability of your agency.
  • Invest in dedicated business development resource and equip it with a repeatable, efficient sales process. Implementing supportive tools and collateral to increase win rates and reduce cost of bidding can make a real difference to the bottom line.
  • When an opportunity is properly qualified and is being managed effectively through the pipeline, then resourcing becomes far more predictable. This helps to maximise the utilisation of delivery teams.
  • Proactively selling value to clients ahead of their realisation of a need to change allows you to influence the reasons to change. Furthermore, you can influence the criteria on which they will judge any solutions, hence improving your chance of winning in the future.

Jon Lonsdale, CEO of Octopus Group, said of the event:

“Great food and food for thought. Met some really interesting agency leaders and took some actions away that I will be putting into practice in our new business planning.”

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