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Tell your story with Binumi

by Jenna Offerdahl
28th August 2018
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It is no longer enough to just have a website and think consumers will flock to buy your products.

The internet is oversubscribed and over saturated in every market. Consumers have more choice than ever before, so it is how brands engage with their consumers that really makes the difference. Whether it’s sales, education or inspiration, content is king, but the need for constant content creation can be financially challenging and time-consuming when outsourced.

We are very excited by our new client, the self-service, pay monthly content creation platform Binumi who are ready to help everyone ‘tell their story’ making content creation accessible to everyone.

1) Congratulations on the launch of Binumi this month. Can you start off by explaining simply a little bit about the product?

Binumi is the ultimate platform for the creation, management, and sharing of video content. We offer businesses access to millions of royalty-free clips, cloud-based editing and secure video hosting and sharing. Binumi is all a business needs for video storytelling, all on one unique low-cost platform. We also offer complete video solutions packages for larger clients.

2)  This sounds like a very interesting service, content creation agencies can be too costly for startups and small businesses but the need for video content is at an all-time high. Was this your motivation? What was the idea that sparked the brand?

Binumi began as a way for people to easily create and share their own video stories, and to better communicate with one another. This is especially important for businesses, as having a voice in today’s media-rich culture is becoming increasingly hard. Video posts have a 135% greater organic reach than photo posts, and companies using video as part of their strategy enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users; so it’s no wonder with globally accepted stats like these that creating rich video content quickly and cost-effectively has become a priority for many businesses. We’ve also found many companies who want to create videos for internal use as well – whether for investor presentations or training videos. Binumi has also made this very simple to do.

3) Binumi is a global brand, servicing over 10 countries, what countries are these and what are your plans for further expansion both geographically and within your service offering?

We are currently based in London but have clients in America, Australia, Thailand and beyond. Binumi the platform is servicing a global need – offering the ability to create instant on-brand company videos, to host them, edit them and share them with the world. Therefore our growth is occurring both rapidly and naturally; it’s a very exciting time to be at the forefront of video communications.

4) What benefits will brands get from subscribing, how can they expect to see their content creation develop and what support can they expect to receive?

The Binumi offering works in two ways. Firstly, small businesses can sign up or a low monthly platform cost, giving them instant access to the vast content library, cloud-based editing software, sharing and hosting and general templates with graphics, relevant footage bins, admin and folder controls and a hands-on account manager to provide support and strategy. Lastly, we also offer a complete video solutions package; this includes all of the above alongside video strategy, multiple templates for different departments, bespoke clip and graphics creation, full video creation, unique administrative controls and personal account management. There is an account type for every business.

5) How do you differ from other video creation platforms, what is unique to Binumi?

 Binumi offers all you need for video storytelling. We have a vast clip library that parallels (and in-fact includes) some of the best stock libraries in the world, a simple cloud-based editor that makes it easy to create stunning individual videos, amazing templates that make video creation easy and a hosting and sharing system that allows multiple users to contribute to video communication.

However, what really sets us apart is the organisation system that Binumi rests on; years in the education sector has provided us with an easy-to-structure system based around tight administrative controls and sharing features. This means at no point does a video get shared before it is ready, or before it has been signed off by the leading admin on an account. No more losing video files, and no more confusion over creation responsibility.

6) Lastly, you offer your clients the opportunity to create their own video content as well as a library of royalty-free video that can be used and customised. What would be your top 5 tips for creating a strong engaging video that will drive brand awareness and boost sales? 

  • Keep it short. People rarely watch a video past the one minute point, with a drop off in attention coming from 30 seconds in.
  • Keep it regular. Studies have shown that people need to be exposed to a brand message at least 7-8 times before they retain or even acknowledge Think about using a video on multiple channels, or creating multiple videos around one theme.
  • Use a template if you’re not It’s easy to go off track, especially when creating your first video. Binumi provides a range of exciting and engaging templates for all sorts of business video needs, designed to get your video off to the best start.
  • Consider your brand when creating a video, and keep the footage and graphics relevant to that. Are you an energetic start-up? Think loud graphics, and fast music. A heritage brand? Consider classy fonts and inspirational
  • Don’t be afraid to start. It’s always tricky creating your first video, so the best thing to do is create a short storyboard and to play around with As long as it’s short, on brand and on message then it’s in the right place. Don’t worry – practice also makes perfect.

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