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In the hot seat with Sol Welch

by Angela Lurssen
9th March 2020
In the hot seat with Sol Welch, post image

Sol Welch, recently appointed Sales and Marketing Assistant, joined us ‘In the Hot Seat’ detailing why he chose Waypoint Partners as the place to grow his career, his inspirational figure heads as well as a younger POV on the most interesting parts of our sector.

1. What makes Waypoint Partners the company you’d like to build your career with?

It’s an incredibly interesting space to be in. With a passion for marketing and a drive to eventually start my own businesses. I get the best of both worlds, learning from an extremely motivated and creative marketing team, and first-hand expertise from Partners on scaling a business, creating a value proposition and driving profitability.

I realised very quickly that the culture at Waypoint Partners is different to what I’ve experienced in other roles. There is a clear underpinned tone of both self and team development, where everyone wants you to succeed and is rooting for you.

2. What have been the highlights of the role to date?

I’ve been involved in a few workshops where I have really enjoyed the whole marketing process from creation and delivery, through to follow-up plan. I really enjoy trying to spark conversations post event using the content from the workshop. I have also really enjoyed attending and learning from them. Attending gives me confidence within my role, and provides me with invaluable information from successful business leaders.

3. What do you find interesting about the sector you operate in?

Marketing specifically is still only a recent passion to me. I think it was the human element that drew me to the sector. The continuous need to adapt to new communication channels and how to better leverage the traditional mediums to effectively reach your desired audience. Especially as we move towards more open and authentic content, it’s interesting to me to see that shift.

For the younger generation, it’s exciting to see where the sector goes next and how agencies adapt to audience consumption. To put it into context, the few big shifts from my perspective were first Radio to TV, and then TV to Mobile and multi-channel. So, whether the next shift be to something relatively untouched such as voice or go backwards to more in real life (IRL) shopping like Kate Fenton detailed, I find it interesting to see where the supply and demand cycle will push marketeers next. Will my generation be as emotional about social & digital marketing as the latter were about print, TV or radio?

4. Is there one particular person that inspires you?

I would struggle to whittle it down to just one…

Professionally: Gary Vee, David Goggins, Ant Middleton, the list goes on – all for very different reasons but all relevant to my own personal development.

Also, more personally, my mum. Her sacrifices and hard work single handedly had the biggest impact on me and for that reason, she is my biggest inspiration.

5. How do you keep mentally & physically fit?

Mentally: I read daily. Whether that be an audio book or physical book I read for at least 20 mins. I’m also enrolled on various courses outside of work.

Physically: I enjoy different forms of exercise. At the moment this includes running, HIIT, weight training and boxing.

6. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Life is too short to be doing something you hate. If Monday morning comes and you dread getting out of bed, then something is broken.

7. What trait do you admire most in a person?

Empathy, openness and the ability to not take life too seriously.

8. Where do you see your career going?

At this stage I don’t know exactly. I have a rough plan in that I want to own various types of business within the marketing space, but the specifics are still to be discovered. I’m quite content not knowing with the knowledge that I’m progressing daily.

9. Favourite books?

Professional book: ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ – Robert Kiyosaki

Self-Development: ‘Can’t Hurt Me’ – David Goggins and both of Ant Middleton’s books (The Fear Bubble & First Man In)

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