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Shut up and listen

by Sarah O'Neill
9th March 2017
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When I’m coaching business leaders, one common area of focus is improving communication skills.

Often the work comes down to a very simple principle: talk less and listen more. There is a great aphorism that I always try to live by – you never learn a thing by listening to your own voice.

The business leaders I work with are switched on 24/7. They are passionate about what they do and how they do it – and it means they just can’t stop talking! But not leaving much time to listen ultimately makes them less effective.

From my experience, the most effective leaders do talk less and listen more. Here I’m talking about genuine, active and engaged listening and reflection. Listening enables you to gain new insights and forge relationships and respect with those around you. It makes your decisions more informed and effective and, most crucially of all, it empowers those around you when they know their contributions are being heard.

by Andy Maher

Partner at Waypoint Partners


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