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What if your company was bought by a Silicon Valley ‘Tech Unicorn’?

by Miles Welch
9th March 2020
What if your company was bought by a Silicon Valley ‘Tech Unicorn’?, post image

If you were told that an iconic multinational tech business wanted to come in and meet your management team because they were interested in acquiring your company, how would you feel? They typically only acquire 1 in a thousand companies it sees – would your company be unique enough to be that one in a thousand? If your company was visited by them, what would they be looking for and how would your company stack up against that shopping list of attributes?

Waypoint Partners in association with the change consultancy Blikkaba Limited, have developed a workshop that acts as a dry run of that meeting and going through it will help make you ready for that day. Or the day another suitor comes knocking – because if you are fit enough to attract Silicon Valley overtures, you can guarantee you will impress any other company that comes looking to buy you. But even if you aren’t in the market to be bought yet, measuring your company up against them would be a very useful exercise to torture test your business. Just how fit are you as an enterprise compared to the gold standard and could your business learn anything by examining the whys and wherefores of how they work?


The workshop is designed to be immensely challenging and provocative. You will be asked some extremely testing questions, the aim of it being disruption of the habitual, established and conventional ways of thinking about your own business and yourself, in order to stimulate and inspire your hunger for getting better and feeling messianic passion for your business and your future.

Why might I want this?

  • To bring the team into a self-reflecting mode and make the first steps in identifying and recognizing/admitting their key business issues and challenges and agree on the direction forward.
  • To create a well thought through, intellectually and practically robust modus operandi for the company which addresses 4 key attributes which are the hallmark of top performing organisations. To provide a lens through which to evaluate performance and fitness in the 2020s.
  • To get the leadership team to practice and improve their street fighting skills. To practice them talking about their business in a passionate and convincing way and to hone the “sell.”
  • To become fitter, more valuable and attractive to potential acquirers

Looking in the mirror – really looking at yourself – is good for you and good for your business. Having someone on your side but who knows what they are on about stand with you to point out where change must be made is the road to self-improvement. It will reveal a lot about how you operate and how results could, perhaps, be improved considerably. We find that this process builds much more robust organisations which compete far more effectively in the market and are of much enhanced appeal to potential investors.

Decision time: what will we do differently as an organisation?

Test your business and leadership team.

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Blikkaba Limited is a consultancy dedicated to helping organisations and individuals achieve transformational change. Described as ‘agent provocateurs’ Blikkaba has worked with many leadership teams to help them, in the words of Silicon Valley, not miss the future.

The two principals and facilitators for this programme are Tanya Khandurova, who was head of agency sales for Google for 5 years and the country manager for comSCORE in Russia and David Kean, who is an entrepreneur, was head of sales for Omnicom Europe and has written several best selling books – “How not to come second and How to win friends & influence profits.” They consult and speak all over the world, living between the UK and Moscow. 

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