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Join us at Game Changer

by Martin Palethorpe
6th September 2017
Join us at Game Changer, post image

Together, Martin Palethorpe and Miles Welch will be collaborating for the upcoming November event, Game Changer. The 3 day programme ‘shows you the creative power of your own mind’ to improve leadership, focus and stability when working under pressure. Game Changer will now take place on 15th – 17th November ’17 in Avington Park Hampshire.

It’s long been acknowledged that developing the mind is vital to achieving exceptional results in sport. However, in business, most do very little to learn how to maximise their potential in the same way. This leaves many agency leaders short on performance, success and enjoyment. 

This is different

“This programme is mind-blowing: intuitive, surprising and highly valuable from both a commercial and psychological point of view. I left with a genuinely reformed view of life, business and how I go about both.”
Mark Young, Founder, Younger & Wiser

Pre-register on our webpage and you’ll receive you a free copy of ‘Invisible Power, Insight Principles At Work’ – written by our partners, and we’ll give you access to our early bird pricing.

The programme will run from 15th – 17th November ‘17 in Hampshire, UK. Places are limited to 16 business leaders only.

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