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Fundraising the future. #RAISEFIRSTMILLION

by Jenna Offerdahl
5th June 2018
Fundraising the future. #RAISEFIRSTMILLION, post image

Fundraising for a new business idea, a start-up or even an established business can be the tipping point. It can be make or break. Finding investment is more than just money; it is quite often the experience, guidance, and belief that can be installed, in addition to the cash, that business owners chase.

Fundraising is quickly becoming a more prevalent part of our business so on the 17th May we partnered with Humphreys Law,a law firm focussed on private equity and venture capital applied in the technology sector, to hold our first panel event evening ‘How to raise your first million’ at our offices in Paddington, London.

On one of the hottest days of the year, on a Thursday, the crowd poured into the fifth-floor communal space and the rows of eager faces sat before our guest speakers:

Siobhan Freegard, Founder, Channel Mum, insight into how she got her first investments for both Netmums and Channel Mum

Chris Corbishley, Investor, Forward Partners, negotiating with VCs, and the ‘founder’s dilemma’

Francesca Warner, Venture Advisor, Seraphim Capital, perspectives on the importance of investing in the right people / team at early stage

Alex Duffy, Associate Director, Waypoint Partners, tips on some of the growth metrics that investors look for

Siobhan opened the evening with her inspiring and motivational story of Mum to Millionaire. Of course, there was a lot of hard work in between, a lot of struggle, a lot of searching but most importantly,she emphasised the significance of her investors. Siobhan’s gratitude for the investment she was given seeps from her, she speaks with such enthusiasm and heartfelt passion, it is easy to see how she raised the funds needed to support NetMums and realise her dream. Everyone hung on her every word, captivated and inspired.

The evening then developed to an insightful panel discussion where the remaining guests spoke candidly to the audience, delving into their areas of expertise and experiences of either working with investors, working for investment companies, or investments they had personally made.

Francesca (Check) spoke honestly, advising aspiring entrepreneurs to make a plan and go to their favoured investor last in order to perfect your pitch. Her underlying words of wisdom (‘just hack it’ ) seemed to resonate with many of our guests.

Waypoint’s Alex Duffy expressed the necessity of being ‘bulletproof’, because the road to success is never an easy one. He continued to advise that building relationships is a key part to carving yourself an easier route, but essentially there will be knockbacks and hurdles to overcome if you are to get to where you want to be.

Throughout the session, you could hear a pin drop. For over an hour the audience sat gripped until the floor opened to questions where we could have easily carried on for hours.

A hugely successful evening overflowing with creativity and excitement, you could tell that tomorrow was going to be a very different day in the attendees’ offices. Invaluable information was shared, networking and collaborative conversations will continue outside of those four walls. They were invested.


A sincere thank you to the WeWork Paddington team, to Humphreys Law, to all of our panelist and to everyone that joined us…

Here is to ‘Raising your first million’, or at least now being one step closer.

Our friends (and client) Totem captured the event perfectly.

 Watch the highlights here.

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