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The launch of Agency Partner | Waypoint Partners

by Phil Gripton
15th January 2021
The launch of Agency Partner | Waypoint Partners, post image

Waypoint launches Agency Partner to give small and medium-sized agencies access to affordable growth expertise 

In the current business climate access to reliable support and help for small and medium-sized agencies has never been more important. Agency Partner is a new digital advisory service that brings the 100+ years of experience of the Waypoint Partners team at a much more accessible price point for growing agencies. 

Agencies that sign up and provide core information receive not only a totally free agency valuation but also a useful diagnostic report that shows where they should focus to improve most quickly.  

Agencies will also get a free advisory session with a Waypoint advisor to understand the drivers of agency value and key areas of action for business improvement and growth in their overall agency value.  

Participants will take advantage of the ongoing support have access to a tailored programme of insight, advice, and guidance for £990 per month.  

This will include an expert-led modular programme covering sales & marketing, finance and operations and creating agency value 

Phil Gripton, Partner at Waypoint Partners said:  

“The recent impact on the agency world of Covid19 has meant that many in the industry have had to be far more proactive in driving their growth and success. We know this is a vital time for the sector, and we wanted to create something easily accessible to help support at this time.  

We know that the cost of advisory help can be a barrier to small businesses – those who right now need it more than ever. But the increased acceptance of online support has created a unique opportunity to address this challenge and offer all agencies, no matter their current size, to get the benefit of this expert guidance at the time when they really need it.” 


“Working with Waypoint to understand and focus on the metrics that really matter has helped us get underneath our financial performance and shape our growth strategy for the coming years.  We have optimised our operations function and process with Waypoint’s expert guidance improving our bottom-line profit by 800% in less than 2 years.”

Ian McIntosh Founder/ Director Evolved Search


Waypoint Partners has helped over 225 agencies over the last five years to plan for, focus on, and realize significant growth and increased shareholder value. Many of those founders/ shareholders in the agencies have subsequently moved through a sale and realized that extra value giving themselves a reward for their hard work and securing their financial futures.   

Waypoint has unparalleled experience in this area from a set of partners who have all completed their own agency growth and value transaction journey, who all want to offer that expertise right now to as many agencies as possible.  

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